SoilMate’s Weekly News Digest #3

Salute to our dear readers! Traditionally, every Friday we are gathering news of the current week.

Texas farmers are estimating the damage after weeks of freezing temperature.

The Texas State Agricultural Department says this storm will cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

Farmers and ranchers in the South of the US continue to assess the damage. “Just our citrus industry, their loss of just the fruit, not including damage to trees, is over $300 million, and it will put a lot of our citrus growers out of business,” said Sid Miller, commissioner of agriculture in Texas. He expected that it would take three to four weeks to assess the damage and obtain a final estimate, although the real impact might take longer to determine.

Complete article: AgWeb

Photo by Ernesta Vala on Unsplash

The latest Global Food Security Index informs about a downturn in food security.

This week The Economist Intelligence Unit issued the ninth annual Global Food Security Index that measures the main drivers of food security in 113 countries, which bases on affordability, availability, quality, safety, as well as natural resources and resilience.

The index of 2020 proves that temperature increases and global warming have a direct impact on the agricultural sector and the food system.

Also, GFSI found that agricultural production in 49 countries is weaker than in the previous period.

Download the full edition of GFSI: Global Food Security Index (GFSI).

A new startup launches to Bring Sustainable Agricultural Robotics to Farm Industry.

Future Acres — company, which produced an autonomous, electric agricultural robotic harvest companion, named Carry, to help farmers gather hand-picked crops faster and with less physical demand.

While the needs of the growing population, which are projected to grow to 10 billion by 2050, are rising, farmers are facing challenges to produce more and more food to meet the demand of the world’s population.

Carry optimizes the harvesting process, allowing up to 500 pounds of crops to be transported anywhere and under any adverse weather conditions, increasing production capacity to 30%.

The Source: AgriTech Tomorrow.

A sprawling merino sheep wandering in a forest near Melbourne, Australia, has been stripped of their 35kg wool.

The animal, named by rescuers «Baarak», was observed in the wild by a member of the public and transmitted to Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary.

“He had at one time been ear-tagged, however, these appear to have been torn out by the thick, matted fleece around his face,” — said Kyle Behrend from the sanctuary, “He was in a bit of a bad way. He was underweight and, due to all of the wool around his face, he could barely see.”

Read more here: FarmingUK, Reuters.

Photo: Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary

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