SoilMate’s Weekly News Digest #25

Greetings to our Readers, and welcome back to our news digest! We have prepared something interesting for you today!

Countries came together to transform the world food systems at the UN Summit.

The coalitions include:

  • “Action for Nutrition and Zero Hunger” (Nigeria, Pakistan)
  • “Agroecology, Sustainable Livestock and Agricultural Systems” (Senegal, Switzerland)
  • “Aquatic and Blue Foods” (Iceland, Palau)
  • “Food Loss and Waste” (US)
  • “Living Incomes and Decent Work” (Antigua and Barbuda)
  • “Resilience” (Bangladesh)
  • “School Meals” including homegrown (France, Kenya)


RNA manipulation can lead to an increase in harvest up to 50 percent.


Photo by Severin Candrian on Unsplash

Research: adapting roots to warmer conditions can reduce the pressure on food supplies.


Can food systems reach “net zero”?

New ideas are also proposed — from closed systems that process food waste to reducing nitrous oxide emissions.

Proponents say that there is a need to focus on practices such as agroecology and regenerative agriculture that are based on soil care and avoiding the use of synthetic, chemical fertilizers and pesticides.


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