SoilMate’s Weekly News Digest #24

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Research: satellite data show that clouds will increase global warming

Low clouds have a cooling effect, as they prevent the sun from reaching the ground. However, high clouds have a heating effect because, while they allow solar energy to reach the ground, the energy emitted back from the Earth is different. This energy can be captured by clouds, amplifying the greenhouse effect. Consequently, the type and number of clouds will influence further warming potential. They found that it is highly likely (more than 97.5% probability) that clouds would increase global warming, reflecting less solar radiation and amplifying the greenhouse effect.


Algae biofertilizer increases plant productivity up to 10%


Photo by Science in HD on Unsplash

Research: plant residues are critical for carbon storage

Plant tissues already contain carbon absorbed by plants from the atmosphere during photosynthesis. When plants rot, carbon can be transported to the soil in a variety of ways.


The 2nd Global Biocontrol Summit will take place virtually in fall 2021

The summit will focus on the significant growth of the bio-product market over the past few years and will examine the crucial role of technology in sustainable agriculture. Global Biocontrol Summit will bring together key industry representatives from the biocontrol, biostimulant, and biofertilizer sectors to discuss and share knowledge on recent innovations, new technologies affecting the bioproduct sector, regulations, financing and investment opportunities, as well as major obstacles and challenges.


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