SoilMate’s Weekly News Digest #17

Here are the stories from AgTech that hit the headlines this week!

Current drought conditions make California look downright apocalyptic

According to The Weather Channel, the current drought is one of the most extensive droughts in the United States in this century, and it will not go away anytime soon. According to Peter Gleick, a scientist on water resources and climate at the Pacific Institute, due to warm weather, the snow cover had almost disappeared by the end of May, about two months earlier than the average.


Photo by Justin Sullivan

Producers with crop insurance will receive a premium for cover crops

There are programs in Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa that allow producers to receive premium benefits for planting cover crops — participating will receive an additional bonus.


Plant flowering in low-nitrogen soils: A mechanism revealed

Nitrogen is one of the three macroelements for growth and development, along with phosphorus and potassium. Nitrogen-rich conditions cause plants to grow, mainly stems and leaves, delaying flowering. On the other hand, in some plants, conditions with low nitrogen content lead to a shift from growth to reproduction, which accelerates flowering.


Study: climate-friendly sovereign wealth funds choose energy, transport investments over agri-food products

Despite a relatively low estimate of the potential of agfood technologies, sovereign wealth funds have identified food and water scarcity and security as the most urgent issue posed by climate change — with 54% ranking it top along with extreme weather events in terms of the most dangerous physical effect.


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