Plant stress and disease — threat to food security

Plant stresses and diseases caused by biotic and abiotic factors can have a significant impact on agricultural productivity.

Globally, about 20–40% of crops are lost because of pests and diseases each year. In the United States alone, invasive plant pathogens, including mushrooms, cause annual crop losses of about $21 billion.

Plant stresses and diseases — a natural part of crop development or a deviation?

Factors affecting disease development


Image 1. Stalk rots of corn(1) and sorghum(2), corn leaf blights(3), and powdery mildew of wheat(4). Image source:,,

Soil fertility

Soil pH

Image 2. Charcoal rot of corn(1), sorghum(2), potato scab(3), and white onion rot(4). Image source:,,

Soil moisture

How can it be harmful to neighboring plants?

Plant growth stresses and diseases detection technology

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