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Let’s get acquainted with SoilMate!

Today we are lucky enough to introduce our Startup, which is made to discover new opportunities in land management — SoilMate — fully automatic land usage analytics worldwide, which turns the satellite imagery into a powerful tool.

Technologies and Features

Using artificial intelligence and neural networks, SoilMate can detect agricultural lands on the larger areas, define field boundaries, crop type, yield growth anomalies, plant stress, and calculate their area.

Analyzing the historical data, our platform provides a deeper understanding of the crop rotation history for every selected territory and returns you precise guidance based on artificial intelligence and a mathematical approach.

In SoilMate, we have developed algorithms that deliver a current harvest season report, historical data analytics and can make a forecast for further land-based activities, increasing the productivity of soils and making more profit from the land crops.

Application areas

SoilMate’s area of application is both commercial and ecological.

Our technology can provide Agrochemical companies with actionable market insights that might help measure market volume and segmentation, predict specific product demand, and build efficient logistics.

With yield and soil historical and current time analytics, you can use it to create your own forecast for both crop profit and revenue as well. In this way, our technology can be applied in two different types of management — land management and economic management.

Basically, the platform is made to solve common everyday problems in the Agriculture sphere.

Soil preservation is a massive issue nowadays. Restoring biodiversity using the crop rotation mechanics is a way to help to save our soil and environment.

According to the latest report of The UN Convention on Biological Diversity, humanity has to conserve and enhance the sustainable use of biodiversity in agriculture to support the sustainability, productivity, and resilience of this ecosystem.

Further understanding of soil’s history makes it possible to easily predict the fertilizers and herbicides demand in each area and start a beneficial crop rotation program, which helps prevent main agriculture problems and has plenty of other advantages.

Firstly, crop rotation protects soil from lack of nutrients, and infertility allows the best use of the manufacturing area and maximization of output. Also, careful use of fields can prevent their depletion and suffer from declining yields as a monoculture, and it is even an excellent farming method to increase a harvest. Crop rotation of various species of plants allows managing the weeds, reducing the number of pests in soils, and, in this manner, controlling the disease outbreak.

So, crop rotation allows restoring and maintaining balance in the natural environment.

Solution & Conclusion

The range of SoilMate’s solution application is very flexible. If you need any specific data or info which are not mentioned in scope — it can bring you a custom analysis based only on your request for the reason that SoilMate’s architecture is designed as a set of an individual application, so you don’t have to require a complete set, but only a needed report.

The solution can discover new resource-rich areas and maintain the sustainability of existing lands.

Our Team is a strong believer we can value our land preservation reporting lands misusage, and create a sustainable future for our lands.

Waiting for your feedback!



AI-powered automation tool for collecting analytics data from agricultural fields all around the world!

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Soil Mate

AI-powered automation tool for collecting analytics data from agricultural fields all around the world!