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AI-powered automation tool for collecting analytics data from agricultural fields all around the world!

Greetings to our Readers, and welcome back to our news digest! We have prepared something interesting for you today!

Countries came together to transform the world food systems at the UN Summit.

  • “Action for Nutrition and Zero Hunger” (Nigeria, Pakistan)
  • “Agroecology, Sustainable Livestock and Agricultural Systems” (Senegal, Switzerland)
  • “Aquatic and Blue Foods” (Iceland, Palau)
  • “Food Loss and Waste” (US)
  • “Living Incomes and Decent Work” (Antigua and Barbuda)
  • “Resilience” (Bangladesh)
  • “School Meals” including homegrown (France, Kenya)

RNA manipulation can lead to an increase in harvest up to 50 percent.

Heavy rains in the North-West of Europe resulted in severe floodings across The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and also affected Luxembourg, Switzerland, France, and the United Kingdom.

A photo shared by the Cologne district government on Twitter

Today we will figure out how even short-term rain-induced flooding can harm plant development.

Stagnant water = poor soil performance

Hello there! Top AgTech News Digest of the week is ready!

Research: satellite data show that clouds will increase global warming

The headlines of this week: new corn herbicide and new insecticide seed treatment, the future of agriculture with innovative robots and newfound factors influential on crop development.

Corteva Agriscience announced a new corn herbicide and new insecticide seed treatment

The future of Agricultural Robots

Stresses forecasting

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great working week and now is the time for AgTech News Digest!

Studies show that cleaner air increases corn and soybean yields

Yellowing corn leaf — management tips

Relevance of plant stress monitoring

Hope you’ll enjoy our digest of the most trending AgTech news of the week!

Bayer launched a decarbonization program in the EU

This week we are focusing on digitalization in Agribusinesses, severe weather conditions in the Midwest of The U.S., how crops can overcome drought and more.

Digitalization of Agribusinesses: what to expect in 30 years

The World Bank predicts the pandemic will push an additional 88 million to 115 million people to fall into extreme poverty by the end of this year.

GFS Index in Food Security

Soil Mate

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