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AI-powered automation tool for collecting analytics data from agricultural fields all around the world!

On today’s agenda: The rise of temperature in the Midwest of the USA and growing season, trends in agriculture investing, and more!

Severe drought in the Midwest of The US

Welcome to our collection of trending AgTech news over the last week!

Data Trends in Agribusinesses: overview

Plant stresses and diseases caused by biotic and abiotic factors can have a significant impact on agricultural productivity.

Globally, about 20–40% of crops are lost because of pests and diseases each year. In the United States alone, invasive plant pathogens, including mushrooms, cause annual crop losses of about $21 billion.

Plant stresses and diseases — a natural part of crop development or a deviation?

Here are the stories from AgTech that hit the headlines this week!

Current drought conditions make California look downright apocalyptic

Sustainable Development Goals are necessary to ensure that the basic needs of humankind are met. Today we are focusing on the SDGs and how agriculture contributes to them.

Why does Agriculture need SDGs?

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Yara launches Agoro Carbon Alliance.

Hello Guys! Friday always comes with SoilMate’s News Digest. So, let’s check our Agtech and FoodTech News collection!

Scientists found five new listeria species in agricultural soils

Global land use is more extensive than estimated

In this article, you will learn about Soilmate’s approach to crop type classification with satellite imagery.


Figure 1 — Example of crop-type classification map

Welcome back to our Digest. The most interesting AgTech and FoodTech news of the week from around the globe.

A unique biodiversity hotspot located in North America

Soil Mate

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